Avinit Records

avinit recordsA label celebrating freeparties everywhere. Massive respect always to DDR for getting me started, Geezer, DAVE the Drummer and Sterling Moss for your engineering and sharing of your studio magic, Chris and Aaron Liberator for support, distribution and general inspiration, the many brilliant artists who have let Avinit release their magic, DJs for playing the tracks, and of course the partypeople dancing to the sounds – without you all this label would be nothing more than a daydream and some half-arsed half-finished projects in Logic.

The nature of vinyl these days means new Avinit releases will be slow and steady, but as long as there’s demand then they’ll keep coming.

Available from…

Avinit 009

Tracks by: Acid Steve & Sam DFL, Acid Vigilantes (Ciuciek, Aggie Acid Line, Bassline Ben), Techsia, Bubbless & Nesbit

Avinit 007

Tracks by: Acid Steve, DDR, CO-AX & Pest Control, Benji303

Avinit 008

Tracks by: Acid Steve, Chris Liberator & Biri, Geezer, Bad Boy Pete

Avinit 005

Tracks from: Acid Steve, The Geezer, Squat Dom

Avinit 006

Tracks from: Acid Steve, Sterling Moss & Darc Marc, OB1, TikTok

Avinit 003

Tracks from: Acid Steve, Chris Liberator & The Geezer, AP

Avinit 004

Tracks from: Acid Steve & Steve Mills, DDR, Mobile Dogwash

Avinit 001

Tracks from: Acid Steve & DDR

Avinit 002

Tracks from: Acid Steve, The Geezer