Pounding Warehouse Recordings

Releasing pounding techno and avinit acid techno, from Acid Steve plus guest artists.

Regular releases on digital (stream, download etc) with the occasional vinyl special.

Producers – if you have any techno tracks (140bpm+) then get in contact.

Vinyl available from…



Digital available from…

Pounding Warehouse Vinyl Series 002

Acid side: Chris Liberator + Sam DFL, Acid Steve

Techno side: DDR, Marcio M + Tiago Santos

Pounding Warehouse 009

Acid techno from me and booming techno from the Birmingham techno legend behind Scum Like Us Recordings

Latest release: Pounding Warehouse 008

New Pounding Warehouse release features an acid banger from Brazil’s Stefano TT, the legendary DJ/producer who runs the [RE]SET label. Plus techno from Acid Steve, a track for everyone who’s been to a messy afterparty.

Pounding Warehouse 007

Techno from ALNA, acid techno from Robi SUSS, plus techno from Acid Steve

Pounding Warehouse 006

Techno from Pest Control (aka Rats on Acid), techno from Jack Majic, acid techno from Acid Steve

Pounding Warehouse Vinyl Series 001

First of a series of 4-track vinyl releases: 1 side techno, 1 side acid techno. Acid side track 2 is dedicated to Club 414, Tony & Louise and all the crew, who were kicked out by property developers/London gentrifiers/Tory wankers Hondo Enterprises

Pounding Warehouse 005

First release from the new-look Pounding Warehouse, with more artists on every release, acid techno as well as techno, plus tracks to be available to stream as well as download.

Pounding Warehouse 004

Tracks from: Acid Steve

Pounding Warehouse 003,002,001

I lost the original projects of these when my laptop died. Some MP3s are floating around at www.909london.com though